Personalized Experiential Learning – What Is It All About?

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There was a time when the entire learning process meant only one of listening to a long lecture in a boring class. The only problem with the old method of “static classrooms” involving rote learning was that it literally made the students bored, often leading to a point where they lost interest in the subject itself, and in the learning process. Things have changed a lot since then, and teaching methods are constantly evolving to make room for technology. The learning process is no longer what it used to be, thanks to a new concept known as experiential learning.

Many educational institutions, especially schools, colleges and higher centers of education are moving in to accept this new and interesting way of learning, and this is expected to be the future of the education process. One of the remarkable features of experiential learning is that it involves business simulation games, which are quickly being accepted by universities across the US, especially in the mid-west. Business schools have understood the benefits of having such a learning method and are offering courses on business simulation because they feel that it is a progressive alternative to traditional education.

There are several reasons why experiential learning is a great alternative to traditional teaching methods.

Getting Practice And Theory Together

People who want to learn swimming will know how important it is to have practical classes, no matter how much the entire technique has been explained to them. The same goes for several subjects. This method ensures that it closes the divide between practice and theory and helps students to understand the concept more clearly. This method allows students in developing skills such as:
Solving problems
Critical thinking skills and
Making decisions correctly.

The best thing about this method is that it provides an environment which is safe. This is a safe learning environment for students to try-out various experiments about a subject and this will even be able to help them to get a feedback on how they are doing, giving them a chance to understand the subject in real terms and what can go wrong, so that they can understand how to get it right the next time.

Each student is unique with a unique set of problem-solving and analytical skills. Therefore the entire learning process is personalized. The best thing about experiential learning is that it allows students to understand the concept at their own pace. They can also be as creative as possible so that they understand the concept clearly. Even mistakes are taken in a positive sense.

It is stated that there is nothing like a self-directed learning process. Experiential learning helps exactly in this because it allows the students to think on their own and come up with new and creative ideas to tackle a particular theoretical problem. The entire process of learning is an experience in itself, helping the student to evolve and make the right choices after clearly understanding the concept.

Thus it can be seen that the experiential learning process is a great new way of learning.

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