I began working right after graduating from a prominent undergraduate school. Earning an MBA degree or a certification for administration had never been my dream. Five years into professional life and my career saw stagnation. A few consultations later, I realised that I had no skills of leadership. I was good at my work but lacked the ability to manage, motivate and mould others. The only way forward in my profession was to nurture those skills.

To this end, I enrolled in my first ever leadership seminar. The change others saw in me was immediate. New paths and ventures opened to me that did not exist before. Slowly and steadily I worked more and more on the quality by getting certifications and attending courses at some of the best institutes in the world. Today, I have the expertise to guide those who are looking for ways to improve their leadership skills.

Through this blog, I hope to give at least an iota of information to anyone floundering about looking to enhance their management qualities. My vision is that someday the blog will become a platform where every person will be able to find all information related to collaboration and communication.