Learning A New Language With An Immersion Program

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Who doesn’t enjoy traveling to a new destination, not just to take in the sights, but chiefly to learn the language? In today’s global age, jobs and education are no longer restricted within a country. Exchange programs of various universities and jobs that require traveling abroad often may require having to learn the language. As far as the US is concerned, five languages are in huge demand and they are Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

Spanish: Most people in the US and some countries in the world are familiar with the Spanish language. However, the truth is that Spanish is a language that is “high utility,” meaning it is highly useful in communication. There are about 437 million people in 20 countries who have Spanish as their native language, and where the official language is Spanish. So learning Spanish can be a great idea if you are looking for a summer immersion program

French: The French language is usually considered a very romantic language and people invariable French to the famous French pastries that are equally delightful. It would be lovely to learn French when you’re out in France eating some of the lovely French food.

German: Not many people are aware of how popular the German language is, but with Germany coming into the global scene, not just for its love for football but also because several companies have been established in Berlin. Teenage students will find this a great option because it is relatively more affordable if you were to compare it to the other parts of Europe. There are plenty of German immersion programs that high school students could choose, deciding on when and where they want to study.

Chinese Or Japanese- Make Your Choice!

Chinese: Think of Chinese, and everyone will think of the Chinese New Year festivities and Chinese noodles. More than a million people speak the Chinese language. Having emerged as an economic and political superpower, people all over the world, and especially in the US are realizing the need for learning the Chinese language, for its professional and social value. Employers and multinational firms in Asia would love to have people who can speak the Chinese language. Hence learning Chinese would be a great option, if you are someone who likes to know more about East Asian culture and tradition.

Japanese: when people think of Japan, they think sushi. The Japanese culture is truly a unique and incredible culture an amalgamation of popular culture and the traditional one. When it comes to summer programs for language, learning Japanese happens to be a popular choice when it comes to deciding on what language to study. Japan also has several multinational companies that operate in other countries and knowing the Japanese language would be a great way to being. Japan happens to be a popular choice for summer language programs. What better place to learn Japanese than by an intensive Japanese language program in Japan.

Thus we see that learning a new language has several benefits, and regardless of age, it would be a great idea to learn the language during a summer immersion program.

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