How Can Personalized Experiential Learning Benefit Students?

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When it comes to learning something new, teachers are aware of the fact that each student is different, or rather, unique and have an exclusive set of skills. Some students might be extremely good in math, while some other may have a flair for writing, or science or history. Because each student is unique, it is up to the teachers to ensure that they bring out their best. Teachers at the Future Design School are considered as “designers” because their role is far more than the role of a traditional teacher. They are able to show an understanding of the needs of the students and identify the interests and strengths of each student. Teachers are thus able to come up with unique learning programs that are unique to the needs of the students. This entire process, which is remarkably different from that in regular schools is called differentiation. The concept of personalized learning is highly important in such a place and students have a lot to gain from this unique and progressive concept.Therefore:

The idea behind such a concept is to customize the learning process of every student based on his or her unique strength, interest and needs.

This gives a chance for students to express their opinions and viewpoints about how they learn, when they learn and what they learn, thus giving them the much-needed flexibility, allowing them to grow at their own pace and achieve the best that they can.

Helping Students Grow With Personalised Learning

Consequently, personalized learning has an important purpose – which is that of opening new avenues for students to learn and grow, while simultaneously encouraging students to voice their opinion and allow them the choose an education that they want. The most important part of the concept of personalized learning is that it allows for a learning environment that is personalized and customized to suit the skill sets of each student. This feature is an essential part of the education process because it allows the students to bring out the best in them. Thus students are able to meet their “mentors” within their unique learning environment, enabling to succeed like never before. This lack of personalization in many schools is what brings in a gap between the student and their learning process. Hence this personalization is necessary to make the student success that will be pertinent to her interests.

It would be a good idea for a teacher to use this approach of learning that is project-based, as it increases the motivation of the student. It also allows students to get a better ability to grasp the relevant questions in the subject and think on their own. Thus students are able to hone their analytical skills, come up with new ideas, and improve their communication skills and more than anything to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Students will also be able to connect the subjects with real-life situations and this, in turn, will increase their confidence levels. Thus the concept of personalized learning is truly a progressive concept.

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