High School Conferences MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE


Enter the complex and changing world of MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE.

Explore the world of medicine to find out where your interests lie in the healthcare profession and what you can do to achieve your educational and professional goals. You will examine the most significant and controversial issues facing the medical profession today and discuss how these issues could impact your future profession. Leading researchers, physicians, and educators will expose you to the challenges of managing healthcare delivery, lead you in discussions about global health issues, and take you through the process of diagnosing and treating a patient.

See the inner workings of a HEALTHCARE TEAM.

Experience what it’s really like to be part of a healthcare team. In conjunction with your fellow team members, you will work as a general physician in our patient simulation, managing a patient’s case and formulating decisions based on new medical information and circumstances presented each day. As a public health professional, you will conduct an outbreak investigation in an effort to determine the cause of a widespread illness. As a member of a research evaluation panel, you will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of multiple research proposals and determine how limited research funds should be distributed.

Practice diagnosis and treatment in the PATIENT SIMULATION.

Students are given the rare opportunity to assess, diagnose, and treat a simulated patient using educational methods similar to those employed in graduate medical institutions. Students are challenged to think on their feet and incorporate the broad range of collegiate level knowledge that they acquire throughout the program in order to successfully complete the patient simulation challenge.

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